What does html stand for

Your Myspace profile is jam packed with html codes, but have you ever wondered what does html stand for? Basically it is an acrostic which means Hyper Text Mark up Language. It was developed in the 1990’s by Tim Berners – Lee, a British national who was an engineer & a computer scientist. Thanks to that guy, we now have these codes we can apply as we fiddle with all our web content.

Html codes are given way importance because they have to be universal. What I mean by this is the web content from the US must come out as is, whether it is viewed from Russia or Cambodia. They see to this by updating the versions every now and then. In 2008 in January, the First Public Working Draft of HTML 5 was published.

With this information, you might not want to take for granted all the codes you use. If you want to find out how much work was put in in creating a page, try this process. Click view on the browser menu and select page source. Once you click on it, another page will pop out with tons of miscellaneous html codes. There you will see and understand the flow of the language of html. At first glance it may look complicated but having read through them once or twice myself, I now understand how much straightforward it is, even for a hi tech vernacular.

Understanding the way html works is also a plus, especially if you are a budding programmer. You can see for yourself what looks good, what doesn’t and what appeals to most. Myspace lay outs are a good training ground for people who want to dabble in html programming because it exercises your knowledge in this computer linggo .

Html for some is just way too complex so it is no surprise why there are already tons of html generator sites available. What these sites do is they allow you to personalize your page without the use of html. You choose every little detail and when it is done, you just have to copy paste the output (which is in html) to your web page editor. Think of it as a translator from your language to the computer’s.

In this age where computers rule, it wouldn’t hurt to understand html because for sure, there is going to be more advancements to come.

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